In A Nutshell

Established in Izmir in 2009, Chef Seasons is a FLAVOR COMPANY that manufactures gourmet salts, seasonings, marinades, sauces, dressings, anti-aging spice blends, passionings, seasoning balls, herbs and who knows, what next.

With seasoned chefs and R&D team on board, we are at the forefront of INNOVATION and FLAVOR ENGINEERING with more than 2,500 products, 7,500 recipes and still counting. Described as the “Taste Alchemist” by our consumers, we are not only a catalyst to the creativity of chefs at home, but also to the chefs in professional and industrial kitchens.

We are a PROJECT DRIVEN company that welcomes any challenge and opportunity within our ecosystem. We create custom-tailored solutions for our customers while working with an “open kitchen and open recipe” policy. Most often, we function as their Product Development team managing the process from flavor innovation to packaging design.

We serve as a STRATEGIC PARTNER and registered supplier to major food retailers and restaurant chains around the world given our commitment to service excellence.

A FORECASTER OF TRENDS, every year, along with few other key players of the food industry, we get to say what’s cooking in our sector and, what gets served on the table.

Chef Seasons’ steady growth since inception is due to our company’s effective MULTI-BRAND, MULTI-CHANNEL and MULTI-MARKET BUSINESS STRATEGY that balances own brands (Chef Seasons, Gizzia) with private label, strategic partnerships with supplier partnerships and finally, national market with ever expanding international footprint.

Committed to the social and economic development of our community where we operate, we have a SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY program that includes efforts from community outreach programs to education, health to employment, especially, women’s employment. We also have a forestation program on behalf of our customers and stakeholders designed to plant trees 10 times as much as the number of trees used annually to produce paper-derived waste.