Join The Chef’s Table

An African proverb says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

At Chef Seasons, we believe both can be achieved with the right partner and that’s exactly the role we take upon ourselves to help our partners achieve competitive advantage within their category.


Chef Seasons products reach more than 80 million consumers in more than 12,000 sales points in 34 countries today.

We are proud to be working with Turkey’s and the world’s largest supermarkets, restaurant chains and food service companies. 

We believe a table is a meeting point where the experience is enriched with each guests’ participation. Join the Chef’s Table, so that we can make it TASTIER TOGETHER!

We’re innovative

At Chef Seasons, innovation is our culture, our claim to fame. From our products to packaging, traceability to operational systems, we continuously seek smarter ways to go about things. And, with our claimed chefs and expert team in the house, we constantly observe, research and tap into the hottest trends to develop the tastiest options with a quick turnaround.

We’re agile

We know really well that companies that keep up with the times are those that thrive the ever-changing dynamics of their industries. One of our key strengths is our agility. One qualification that’s most appreciated by our partners. We have the ability to respond to our partners’ needs much quicker than anyone in our industry.

We're reliable

At Chef Seasons, we believe in long lasting partnerships. That’s why our word is our promise to our customers and partners. From our delivery times to our product quality, from our trend reporting to our ongoing flavor consultancy, our partners can be assured that they have the right partner by their side.