Vision and Values We Live By


To leave a meaningful mark in people’s lives as well as their palates


To lead the way in reclaiming the importance, meaning and value of a shared meal through enriching tables with original, creative and practical flavors


Appetite for innovation

Innovation is our strongest suit. You know how a person with appetite is never fulfilled, our appetite for innovation is exactly like that. We believe that our innovations add youthfulness, dynamism, excitement, productivity and flexibility to our business partners, customers and our team. We constantly observe, research, follow trends and create with appetite while fulfilling our customers' appetites for different tastes.

Breaking the mold

We believe that one of the most important factors of success is questioning the existing status quo and breaking the mold. That is why we’ve always been keen on doing the things that no one has done before. That is why, we’re set out to modernize the 100-year-old traditions with practical solutions, blend raw materials to create value-added new formulas, add flexibility to ossified production processes and add flavor not only to the food but also to the table.

Spicing up life

We believe in living our lives with a little spice, given our profession. By blending world’s different colors and flavors, we believe in adding color to food, plates, palates, tables, conversations, in short, to every moment of life.

Cultivating creativity

We are in a highly creative eco-system where chefs, cooks, gourmets, entrepreneurs, researchers, food photographers and stylists, food editors, writers, cartoonists, bloggers, vloggers, foodies, thousands of uniquely blended products and a world of delicious food are a part of. We believe in creativity… in every product we produce, every brochure we design, every communication we make, every activity we organize and every solution we generate to address a need. That’s why we encourage our team to follow suit.

“Wow” each & every time

Just like the chefs who enjoy surprising their guests with the original flavors they create, we like surprising our customers, business partners, competitors and the industry.  Whatever we do, we do not forget to throw a pinch of surprise into it. We love to change the dialogue and surprise each time by presenting familiar tastes in different forms and with new interpretations, by creating thousand shades of flavors and rewriting the rules of the table.

Believe in no waste

We believe in the value of what we have in our hands. And, we surely do not like wasting it. We know the value of resources that form the backbone of production, the value of talent, experience and effort that transforms an ordinary ingredient into an extraordinary taste. We know the value of food made with love, the time spent with loved ones and we make sure that none is wasted.

Pulse, pace & pizzaz

Like all entrepreneurs, we have a dynamic and young soul. We believe in the importance of staying up to date. We keep the pulse of our sector, our individual and corporate customers, and follow the trends closely. We respond quickly to their ever changing tastes and demands, keeping our relationship and communication always energetic.