Set out to leave a lasting imprint on people’s palates, we are a manufacturer of gourmet salts, seasonings, marinades, sauces, dressings, anti-aging spice blends, passionings, seasoning balls and herbs. With more than 2,500 products, 7,500 unique recipes and an ongoing pursuit of innovations, we take our flavors seriously and, we take them beyond borders.

Our products are delicious

We believe that cooking is alchemy. Alchemy of nature’s miracles, timeless recipes, rituals and passion all blended together to start a flavorful dialogue between the chef and the guests. As time continuously becomes the missing ingredient in our food, we make sure that taste isn’t. With our executive chef and R&D teams on board, we blend the freshest and the finest ingredients together to make all meals, tables and conversations tastier.

Our products are culturally diverse

The world is an amazing place with so much to experience… food, being one of the key identifiers of a culture and a social connector despite one’s origin. Our portfolio of products is as rich and diverse as the world itself. As our industry adopts new trends, and our customers gets exposed to new cuisines, we continue to satisfy their ever changing palates with a world of flavors.

Our products are healthy

We believe in good stuff like vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants while we stay clear of all the additives, preservatives, sweeteners and artificial flavors. Our products are produced with completely natural methods and are under 100% microbiological guarantee. And, thanks to our food safety system, we are continuously being monitored with BRCGS and IFS quality system certificates.

Our products are practical

With less and less time in our hands nowadays, we make sure that all our products and packaging are practical for the chefs cooking at home. Thanks to our dip sauces, marinades, spray seasonings, world cuisine blends and other practical delicacies, the chefs get to spend more time enjoying the conversations at the table than cooking in the kitchen.


Our lead brand for international markets with a vast portfolio of gourmet spices, herbs, seasonings, spice blends, sauces and salts.

Our brand for ethnic markets offering a wide portfolio of local and unique tastes such as Turkish and Ottoman Cuisine, Arabic Cuisine and Far East Cuisine.


Our restaurant brand that offers flavors from world cuisines.

Our restaurant brand with a portfolio of practical and healthy snacks to be consumed on the go.